Friday, September 18, 2009

Values Voters Summit 2009 - Friday Morning

Tweets from the annual Christian Right "Values Voters Summit" in Washington, DC. So tweets read from bottom up in each section.

Prejean: "God has called me for such a time as this." [paraphrase of Esther 4:14 - when Queen Esther stood before the judges].

Prejean: people make fun of me for my faith, but I am still standing.

Prejean: Beginning of a vicious, vicious storm of attacks.

Prejean: "God had a plan for me that night." As soon as I didn't give the politically-correct answer, I knew I was not going to be Miss USA.

Onstage: Miss California Carrie Prejean. "Parents taught me to fear God," but to be tolerant and not be mean.

Cantor: Liberals have been whittling away at these values.

Cantor: For more than 200 years America stood for the "sanctity of life" from "fertilization to natural death."

Cantor: Liberals attack the idea that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA): For more than 200 years America stood for "Traditional Values" - Now liberals have abandoned that tradition

Cantor: Liberals pursue social whims and pseudo-scientific theories.

Cantor: For more than 200 years America stood for "Faith, Freedom, and Family" - Now liberals have abondoned that tradition.

Rep Eric Cantor (R-VA): For more than 200 years America stood for "Peace through Strength" - Now liberals have abondoned that tradition

McConnell: Democrats - wasteful spending and debt. "We must turn the tide." That's what FRC and others are doing. FRC "vital role."

McConnell: Labor law reform--Employee Free Choice Act, would inhibit freedom.

McConnell: wrong that current healtcare plans still allow paying for abortions through a variety of ways

McConnell. Heathcare protests not astroturf, but born in kitchen tables and living rooms across America.

Onstage: Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader. At town hall meetings we saw the wisdom of Americans, and many of you were there.

Standing ovation for disabled woman who said abortions started a downward spiral in her life.

Bachmann: Obamacare means 53 different government bureaucracies with the IRS as the enforcement mechanism.

Is it too crass to pray for a new computer? OK, yes, but sometimes...

Computer crashing. Sigh. Must reboot.

Bachmann: Government is taking over energy business-taking over private business profits.

Bachmann: Government is taking over private business in America

Price: Change things in 2010 election.

Price: No checks and balances that work when Obama and Pelosi rule. Only check left is to have American people rise up.

Bachmann: No reason to have government role in healthcare

OK, that's Rep.Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Sigh...

Rep.Michele Bachman (R-MN). One "l". Hard to copy edit Twitter.

Rep.Michelle Bachman (R-MN): time to Defund Acorn

Price: time to set the fires of Freedom

Speaking now: Rep. Tom Price (R-GA): It's not about healthcare, it's about Freedom.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ): Society has been embacing a "Culture of Death." Longstanding frame of Christian Right

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ): Obama "the abortion President"

That's "sez" McCLosky. One key over, a Freud away... (Sorry, Tom)

Rep. Michelle Bachman joins healthcare panel. She has worked with FRC for years sex McClusky.

Vice President for Government Affairs for Family Research Council, Tom McClusky now onstage for healthcare panel

Huckabee: American Exceptionalism is a good thing.

Huckabee: Obama foreign policy is "walk softly and carry an olive branch"...or maybe a "bag of Stay-Puft marsmallows."

Huckabee: State-run healthcare has bankrupted State of Massachusetts. Really? Ii was solvent when I left yesterday. Fact-Check?

Hucakee: Obama was wrong to hire Van Jones in the first place.

Huckabee: Repeal 16th Amendment, eliminate the IRS and Income Tax.

At Values Voters meetup in DC. Huckabee onstage now. Sez: Audacity of Hope has turned into hypocrisy. Condemns abortion, Acorn.