Thursday, January 12, 2006

Justice Sunday III v. Harry Potter

On Sunday, January 8, 2006, I had a choice between Justice Sunday III and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Perhaps this was a choice faced by other parents seeking to find something educational for their children to experience. My son is grown up now, but I thought about the lessons to be learned from both events.

Let me tell you what I learned when my wife and I attended the Harry Potter film.

    •   Certain actions are evil, but evil is not based on heredity or nationality.

    •   Sometimes we are called on to do things that we do not want to do (and even makes us unpopular), but that we should shoulder these responsibilities with good grace.

    •   Real heroes sometimes set aside their personal quest to help others in danger.

    •   We should welcome people from different cultures and nations into our midst.

    •   Friendship includes taking risks to support our friends and standing up for them in a crisis.

We also saw that young teenage boys are clueless about young teenage girls, but as parents, we already knew that was true.

Salient quotes:

Professor McGonagall: Is that a student?

Professor Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Technically, it's a ferret.


Hermione: Everything's going to change now isn't it?

Harry: Yes.

I think these are important moral lessons for young adults to learn.

Some on the Christian Right have denounced the Harry Potter series--books and films--as anti-Christian and perhaps even Satanic due to the flagrant use of magic.

From news reports and a transcript of the Justice Sunday III event posted by the sponsoring Family Research Council, we can see the alternative lessons presented by some of the Christian Right.

    •  The moral struggle is not between ideas that support goodness and ideas that spawn evil, but between "secular supremacists" and Godly Christians.

    •   God is against gay men and lesbians signifying their commitment of love through marriage.

    •   God is against abortion.

    •   God wants us to put judge Samuel Alito on the Supreme court.

We also learn that liberals and non-Christians threaten America and that we should pray that "not secularism or unbelief or a hostile supreme court [should] prevail against" God's word.

Salient quotes:

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pennsylvania): [liberal judges are] ''destroying traditional morality, creating a new moral code and prohibiting any dissent.'' Cite


Rev. Herbert Hoover Lusk II: "Don't fool with the church because the church has buried many a critic, and all the critics that we have not buried, we're making funeral arrangements for them!" Cite

As a parent, ask yourself to which event would you take your child for moral guidance?

As a citizen, ask yourself which set of principles seem best for moral guidance in running our country?

As a visitor, ask yourself which lessons would build a country that would welcome you as an immigrant or guest?

If you are a non-Christian or secularist or gay or support reproductive rights or are liberal or progressive, the choice should be even clearer.

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