Thursday, August 07, 2014

How Right-Wing Greedster Cranks Raise $ by Trashing Obama

Right-wing cranks and greedsters have been cashing in on the gullibility of their audience since the earliest days of the Internet. Selling gold, survivalist supplies, investment opportunities, and the amazing garage fish farm crap/hydroponics vegetable garden installation.

Now comes an offer so cynical and breathless that it deserves its own post. How can I improve on this carnival huckster pitch? I can't. Here it is.

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News just broke that a Russian crime ring has stolen over a BILLION passwords.

I hope that you're not among those impacted, but only time will tell.

Political Operative, Floyd Brown, calls cyber terror the most disruptive force in the world.

This is not in the news yet...

Cyber terror is suddenly a $46-billion industry.

It's thriving thanks to the deep pockets on Capitol Hill.

Right now, at the highest levels of government, it's clear that a "Russian retaliation" is being planned.

Washington's retaliation WILL impact certain stocks.

Floyd Brown is urging immediate evasive action...

Floyd's been down this road a million times during his career on the Hill.

He's granting 750 of our readers an unbelievable opportunity...

That is, a chance to listen-in on his conference call (regarding cyber terror) with an active member of Congress (first-come, first-served).

Let's call him Congressman "X."

Congressman "X" sits on a major Congressional House Committee, and he played an active role in uncovering the truth about the attack of the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

He's also on an Emerging Threats House subcommittee.

You don't want to miss this conference call!

The conference call is exclusively for our readers.

During the call, Floyd will reveal the one stock downwind from the crisis.

Shares could blast exponentially higher as details concerning Washington's retaliation hit the masses.

To reserve your seat, click here.

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Good investing,

Justin Fritz
Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street Daily

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PT Barnum wouldn't blush...he would vomit.